Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Finally weigh


May 2011
72 lbs & 46.5 inches

January 2012
74 lbs & 51.5 inches


May 2011
37 lbs & 36 inches

January 2012
41.2 lbs & 41 inches

Monday, January 23, 2012

Growing Overnight

I'm use to my 3 year old (4yrs old in 2wks) daughter growing. The doctors say that she will be tall & that the pain in her legs are growing pains. Now it's my boy. I know it sounds strange but I got use to him not growing. We stopped his ADHD medication on Thanksgiving Break 2010. By the summer 2011 he had put on 20 lbs and grew 2 inches (52lbs to 72lbs). We noticed that Thanksgiving 2011 that his size 8 jeans were a little short & tight in the waist. He moved up to a size 10.....:'( My mother inlaw tacked his new jeans (5 inches to long) it's a big difference between sizes 8 & 10. I noticed that he's been sleeping in and that I have to wake him up and of course eating like he has a bottomless pit (now weighs 74 lbs). The reason for this is that he wore those same jeans that was perfect in length last week & are now 2 1/2 inches too short. Now it's up to his Memaw to let them out. MY BOY IS GROWING!!!!! :-) :'( :-)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Are "To Do" lists good or bad?

I made my "To Do" list for this week. Looking at it I'm thinking is this good or bad? To see everything listed down that I have to remember and get done this week is long. I always make a list but it has been 3 weeks since I have made one because we were gone for the holidays. Last week was very stressful and I realize it had been because I wasn't making my lists and scheduling how I spend my time. Now that I got this list made I feel better to see it all layed out but at the same time I have this feeling "UGH" just looking at it. I'm praying this week goes a lot smoother than last week. Also, I'm really enjoying my "Money Saving Mom's Budget" book. I'm so happy my husband bought it for me. :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Trying To Play Catch Up...

The holidays are over and I am playing catch up or at least trying. This week I have cleaned out the closets and drawers to make room for new Christmas clothes, Clipped/Categorized 3 weeks worth of coupon (still need to file), Boxed 2011 files, Set aside 2011 Tax Documents, & Read 2 books. Also did all my daily cleaning & Kayla's PreK work. I have been busy. Once I get things the way I like them maybe I'll be able to relax.

Today I got to do some couponing at Walmart & Target. I got 4 rolls of Duck Tape & 4pks of 5 BIC Mark-It Sharpie pens for FREE and then One A Day vitamins 60ct $2.99. Kayla got to experience her 1st coupon deal. She bought a Slushy drink & popcorn used a coupon which made the popcorn FREE. She said "Momma, I get money back too". I love it that she's already learning to save money. I'm hoping to make it seem fun enough that she will love just as much as I do.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Absolutely Organize Your Family"

"Absolutely Organize Your Family" By: Debbie Lillard
It took me about 3 days but I finished it. I really enjoyed everything about this book. I love to find new ideas on how to better organize...LIFE. I tell everyone that I could spend all day in a container store just thinking of all the ways to use them.
Now I have started reading another book on ADHD. So far I like the direction its going. Most books regarding ADHD/ADD push medication but this book gives pro/cons to medications & what doctors really think about food additives & dyes being linked to ADHD/ADD. Out of all the books I have read on the subject this one is on my top 10 List, "Recognizing ADHD Symptoms in Children & Adults" By: Deborah Sobers.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Beach Adventure....

We decided yesterday that we would go to the
beach today. You never know what to expect with a
spare of the moment type of plan. Well this
one turned out great. On the long stretch of road that
takes you to the beach we got the privilege of seeing an 8-10 feet
alligator no more than 5 feet from the truck.....see picture below!
It's true.

Then after all the excitement we finally arrive at the beach. Kayla was scared at first because you have cross a wooden bridge to get onto the beach. She held my hand real tight and said "Momma I can do this". It was so sweet & very grown up. I knew how scared she is on wooden brides & stairs. She made her momma VERY proud. I did get a lot pictures of her running & playing on beach.

Preston was home from school shortly after we got home. He was "green" (good) at school which meant that he could play w/ his buddies after all his homework was done. After being gone 10 mins he says, "Mom I need an old shirt. We are going to play in the mud". Lol! I'm thankful they just played in water instead of mud.

While Preston was playing w/ his buddies, Kayla having quiet time, & Phil doing guy stuff (playing games) I decided to finish clipping my coupons. I cut eight inserts so now all I have to do is file three weeks worth of coupons. I didn't shop the deals today because we wanted today to relaxing but that didn't stop me from looking.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I love being on a schedule....

My family runs great when we have a schedule. When the schedule goes out the window then so do our brains. Everyone is irritable, sleepy, bored, starving, tv addicts (in our case iPad/iPod addicts), and lacking verbal skills. It's almost like we're zombies in a way except we don't eat each other. Lol! I'm so glad to be back home & somewhat getting back on schedule after being on Christmas vacation for 2 1/2 weeks. My goal is to get things running smoothly again by the end of the week. Just say a prayer for us to go through this adjustment of being back home rather quickly & for me to keep my sanity.