Monday, December 15, 2008

Virco's Company Christmas Party

Preston is a goof ball.
Phil's boss and his wife

Phil and Jason (his Jason)

Robyn & Kayla

Phil's Company Christmas Party was at his boss's house, Mr. Bradley. His house is so beautiful and his wife is an amazing decorator. Even though there was not many people there from his office it was very nice. We had a great time and everyone had a fit over Kayla. She was very fond of Mrs. Robyn and just sat in her lap most of the time. Preston had a lot of fun with Mr. Jason and taking pictures of everyone. Phil and I enjoyed having adult conversations for once.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pictures For Our Christmas Cards 2008

These pictures were taken at our house last Saturday by my mom (Jina). We are all in matching personalized pj's and Kayla's says, "Kayla's First Christmas" on her backside. As you can see Preston done some of the silliest things...crossing his eyes and sticking bunny ears on our new puppy, Bella in most of the pictures. It made it memorable!