Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Strong Little Man

Preston showing his Peepaw how big his muscles

are in his Iron Man Costume.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Want To See Too!

Phil had to fix one of my kitchen drawers and Kayla
had to investigate to make sure he was
doing a good job. Really she just wanted to
know what was going on.

NOTICE her lips.

Don't worry Mom, he's doing a great job.

I thought this picture was really cute with both
their arms in there trying to fix it.

Field Trip To Heifer Project

I had the opportunity to go with Preston on
his school field trip to the Heifer Project in Perryville, AR.
It was neat to learn about what they do for
other countries and for our own. It was a good
learning experience for both of us.

What we learned is that they send a pregnant heifer
to countries that are very poor. They teach the people
how to take care of them and then when the calf is born then
they have milk. Most sell the milk to put their kids
in school. I left there with the appreciation
of the simpliest things that we have.

Preston & Christian

Preston wouldn't pet any of the animals.
When I asked him about it he said, "Momma, Do
you remember the chickens we use to have? Well,
I just don't want to get pecked again". I then
giggled very quietly.

Towards the end they showed us a video
of three different countries in which
they have helped and what exactly the
Heifer Project has done for them.

The camel that drooled a lot.

Our tour guide was actually feeding
this camel from her mouth.

Lunch Time!!!

Moms & Muffins 2009

Preston made me a bird house & a card. We also had
some SWEET breakfast (cinnamon cake).
I had such a good time with him & I loved looking at
all the things he's done at school so far. He makes me
so PROUD!!

Easter 2009

This year for Easter I made the kids their baskets. I picked up a few things
at Sam's & Target before I had my back surgery because I didn't
know if I would be able to get it afterwards. It turned out just wonderful.
Preston- bug toys, rocket ship book, notepad w/ markers, calculator, cotton candy, & bunny ears
Kayla- pjs, puppy book, two cars, cotton candy, & bunny ears.
Of course, Kayla just wanted to play with Preston stuff.

Then after church we all went to Nana & Papa's
house for some goodies.
They each got a chocolate egg with their name on
it and a little basket with some more goodies.

Meemaw & Peepaw Come For A Visit

Peepaw & Sugar

Peepaw's Kayla

Kayla with her daycare backpack.

Early morning! Kayla decided to go through a period where she
didn't want to sleep.

Momma made this bib & we just had to get a picture of it
Peepaw was holding her.

My In-laws came to help us for after my surgery. They arrived on March 7th and stayed through the 18th. It was such a blessing to have them here. The kids loved all the attention and especially being spoiled. We hated to see them leave.